YENA Pipe supplies piping materials such as fitting, flange and pipe since 2015. In the beginning, YENA Pipe established its operations in product sourcing and quality control in the Far East. With 15 years’ experience in piping sector, collective experience and know-how have been gathered in Turkey market under the name of YENA Pipe.


YENA Pipe mainly focuses on meeting the customer demands and fulfilling their needs by providing the optimum conditions with experienced inspector team, consists of highly skilled engineers. YENA Pipe is a flexible and devoted organization for all kinds of customer demands and strictly follows the promised price-quality-delivery time. In this way, YENA Pipe ensures the customer satisfaction in every project with complete quality of products.


YENA Pipe’s network extends all over the Europe, China and South Korea. Thanks to its comprehensive manufacturer and supplier network, YENA Pipe offers advantages to customers in a variety of sizes and materials, as well as in special diameters and grades that cannot be easily found in stocks.

All of our employees are highly skilled and passionate engineers, experts at their own speciality.

YENA Pipe continues to be a reliable solution partner for customers by supplying pipes, fittings and flanges with special alloy steels, stainless steels, nickel & titanium alloys and carbon steels in various international norms such as EN, ASTM, DIN, GOST and JIS.

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