YENA Pipe is a rapidly growing company focused on problem solving by answering the customer demands in piping area. Every day, we are getting bigger and stronger by adding new members and networks. In order to keep this momentum going, we need to follow some principles which represent the core values of this company.

Respect and Honesty

Our most essential core value is being respectful and honest in every step we take, every project we involve and every customer we meet. YENA Pipe is an excellent solution partner for material supplying and we offer long-lasting business relationships based on respect and honesty.

Value of Networking

For pipes, flanges and fittings supplying operations, networking is of great importance. We have an encompassing amount of network involving manufacturers and stockists and we are always looking to improve our existing network. In this way, we can offer a wide spectrum of products to our customers.

Diversity of Materials

Every project is different from each other in some aspects. Therefore, we are aiming to improve our selection of choices in terms of sizes and materials for addressing different kinds of needs, depending on the project.


Last but not least, passion is our driving force. As a passionate engineering company, we are rapidly growing by employing highly skilled and passionate people. We believe that no man can achieve huge success without passion.

Our guiding principles are reflections of who we really are and what we actually aim to achieve in piping products providing business. Jobs get done swiftly in YENA Pipe by maintaining healthy communication within the company.

The ultimate goal is always to keep the customer and keep them content.

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